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Logistics strategies for any industry.

Full Truckload, LTL (Less Than Truckload) and Rail options to fit any transportation need.

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Full & Volume

FTL Services

Cross Logistics LLC strives to manage truckload capacity and coverage in the Full Truckload and Volume sectors.  This allows us to provide the most competitive rates available to our customers.  We pledge to dedicate the resources necessary and leverage our relationships with Full Truckload carriers in markets that are constantly changing.

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LTL Services

Cross Logistics LLC partners with our customers to understand their unique needs and analyze shipping patterns for their Less Than Truckload shipments.  We utilize our 25+ years experience in carrier negotiation and industry knowledge to find LTL carriers that can provide the utmost levels of service while providing the best cost-savings to our customers. 

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Intermodal Rail

Cross Logistics LLC has the ability to offer Intermodal Rail Services. This transportation method utilizes both truck and rail to move containers of freight in a cost-effective manner.  Shipments traveling more than 500 miles can realize cost-savings using Intermodal Rail Services vs. traditional full truckload scenarios.        

Need an honest review of your logistical requirements and recommendations on how to maximize your time and operational efficiencies? Let's meet to discuss how your business can benefit from the strategies offered by Cross Logistics LLC!

Sometimes it's hard to see how much your transportation patterns can improve until you can view them from a distance. Cross Logistics LLC can provide professional and tactical knowledge that takes advantage of over 25+ years of experience and with our strategies, you'll see the difference!

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