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Daily Diligence Aligned with Cost-savings and Timely Shipment Delivery


Cross Logistics LLC has the resources, technology, and experience to provide world class customer service to every company that we work with.

As supply chains become more complex, we are fully committed to serving your unique needs.

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Advanced Technology

Our team is equipped with the latest software platforms that allow us to provide the most up to date and transparent information.  Our TMS system was carefully chosen to allow us to partner with our customers to give them real time data so they can make informed decisions.

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Exceptional Customer Service

Getting your products to their end destination safely, securely and on-time is our #1 goal.  Our dedicated team can coordinate shipments to match the sophistication of your business demands.



We pride ourselves on knowing the transportation industry. We've been in the business for 25 years and understand the nuances that make the transportation sector the thriving market it is today. Our solutions make sense and always incorporate service levels and cost-savings into the mix.

Where any industry can solidify their transportation needs in a single stop.


Find out more about how to increase efficiencies for full-capacity loads


Let us utilize our knowledge of your business to provide LTL resources that fit your specific needs


Economies of scale can be achieved by utilizing rail solutions


Need an honest review of your logistical requirements and recommendations on how to maximize your time and operational efficiencies? Let's meet to discuss how your business can benefit from the strategies offered by Cross Logistics LLC!

Sometimes it's hard to see how much your transportation patterns can improve until you can view them from a distance. Cross Logistics LLC can provide professional and tactical knowledge that takes advantage of over 25+ years of experience and with our strategies, you'll see the difference!

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