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Building strong relationships within all organizational levels of our customers and carrier partners allows Cross Logistics LLC to provide BEST IN CLASS solutions in supply chain management.

Brad and Jill Cross have brought a wealth of experience, knowledge and dedication to Cross Logistics LLC, a premier provider of third party logistics services, that has helped drive it's success since it's inception in 2006.

They began their professional careers in different capacities and locales for Dun and Bradstreet. Their almost decade long tenure with a Fortune 500 Company taught them invaluable skills and sound business fundamentals.

A life-changing opportunity presented itself in October, 1998, when Brad accepted an Account Management position with Roadway Express in the St. Louis area. During this time, Brad gained invaluable LTL experience and built business relationships in the marketplace that exist to this day.
Cross Logistics LLC was formed on January 5, 2006 when Brad joined McClain and Associates as an independent agent. Jill came on board in an official capacity in 2007 and has added additional layers of operations, customer service and project management support. Brad continued his role as a sales liaison and has managed the carrier negotiations within McClain and Associates for almost 15 years.

Their entrepreneurial spirit and desire to provide their customers the best possible options in logistics management prompted them to officially launch Cross Logistics LLC as a stand-alone third party logistics company in May 2021.

They integrate their experience, best practices and technology into business processes that help meet unique logistic management needs. This helps foster a more agile, responsive supply chain, which is a necessity in today's uncertain market environment.

Need an honest review of your logistical requirements and recommendations on how to maximize your time and operational efficiencies? Let's meet to discuss how your business can benefit from the strategies offered by Cross Logistics LLC!

Sometimes it's hard to see how much your transportation patterns can improve until you can view them from a distance. Cross Logistics LLC can provide professional and tactical knowledge that takes advantage of over 25+ years of experience and with our strategies, you'll see the difference!

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